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Toll Free: 888.394.4005
Fax: 757.269.9901
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Desktop PC Support

• Install and configure Custom Off The Shelf (COTS) software
• PC Operating System performance tweaking
• PC Hardware Upgrades
• Provide remote desktop support
• Install and configure Printer and other related PC peripherals (Fax, USB Devices, etc)

PC Repair

• Diagnose PC problems
• Install and configure PC parts as necessary

Custom PC Design and Assembly

• Design and build PC's according to your needs

Small Network Infrastructure Support

• Implement and configure small PC networks
• Maintain network connectivity

Data Backup Services

• Managed Enterprise Backup for your critical data
• Secure remote storage of your important files and databases

IT Solution Services

We also offer several comprehensive IT support plans where a technician will come to your place of business and resolve any PC issues you may have. We also provide remote assistance if necessary.

For plans and costs see Schedule of Services.